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At Kinema Fitness, we offer the full 360 holistic approach to health and wellness, nourishing the whole individual inside and out.  We thrive on the success and fulfillment of our members and offer simple, yet powerful, meditation and mindful practices to individuals, groups, and company teams. Our holistic experiences help individuals and groups dissolve stress and find balance with one’s self to encourage outward growth and improve work life balance. Life is meant to be lived well, balanced, and in harmony.

Individual Holistic Experiences:

  • Introduction to Practice

  • Breathing, Hand Placement, & Posture Techniques

  • Variety of Meditation(Guided, Visualization, Energy-Flow, Stress Relief, Relaxation)

Team Holistic Experiences:

  • Team Alignment

  • Special Sounds Stress Reduction

  • Breathe In, Breathe Out

  • Becoming Present

Email for more information or to schedule a session for yourself or your team.

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