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Welcome to your brand new state of the art fitness center fully equipped with the latest and most innovative commercial grade fitness equipment in the industry.  

Equipment includes:


  • Treadmills with built in touch LCD screens

  • Elliptical 

  • Ascent Trainers

  • S-Drive 

  • Rowers

  • Climbmills

  • Recumbent and Incline Bikes

  • Spin Bikes


  • 8 Stack Multi-station

  • Functional Trainer - Cable Crossover

  • Selectorize Machines

    • Chest Press​

    • Back Extension

    • Pec Fly/Rear Delt

    • Leg Press

    • Leg Extension

  • Smith Machine

  • Power Rack

  • Half Rack

  • Flat Bench

  • Dumbbells 


Hoist Motion Cage


Versatile machine that allows multiple users to workout at the same time

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